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Standard Components alphabetical

00214 600 Ohm, Low Insertion Loss
02840 ISDN 2Mbps
02847 120 / 240V, 8V+8V, 4VA
02902 Variable Inductor, 37uH
02905 E1, 75 Ohm or 120 Ohm, Output
02908 E1, Input, Reinforced Insulation
02912 E1, Output, Supplementary Insulation
02916 Quad Choke 4.7mH So
02920 E1, Input
02921 U Interface with 30mA DC
02927 T1, Input
02928 Quad Choke 0.2mH E1/T1
02930 E1/T1 Reinforced Insulation
02932 U Interface with 50mA DC
02933 U Interface with 20mA DC
02978 8A 20uH Inductor
02998 1.25A 100uH Axial Choke
03015 Push-Pull, 5V to 15V
03138 600 Ohm with 120mA DC
804194 Loop Control Transformer 145-270uH
804195 Loop Control Transformer 259-431uH
B5001 2Mbps Very Low Profile
B5002 2Mbps Very Low Profile
B5003.5 120 Ohm 1:1
B5004 ISDN S-Interface Transformer
B5012 Inductor self-supporting
B5022 64 KBPS 1:1:1 Encapsulated
B5023 64 KBPS 1:1+0.24
B5025 128kbps 1:1+0.24
B5026 128kbps 1:1+1
B5031 600 Ohm:600 Ohm Low Insertion Loss
B5036 Switch Mode Transformer
B5045 1168 kbps 2000V Isolation (Matched to Brooktree Bt8952)
B5046 786 kbps 2000V Isolation (Matched to Brooktree Bt8952)
B5047 1168 kbps 2000V Isolation (Matched to Brooktree Bt8921)
B5048 784 kbps 2000V Isolation (Matched to Level One SK70704)
B5049 8kV Impulse Isolation Transformer
B5051 10 Amp / 1 Volt
B5051.1 10 Amp / 1 Volt (Ruggedized)
B5051.3 5 Amp / 1 Volt
B5050 125kHz Tuneable
B5052 6V - 6V Isolation Transformer
B5057 784 kbps 2000V Isolation  (Matched to Level One SK70704)
B5058 1168 kbps 2000V Isolation (Matched to Level One SK70704)
B5060 RM7 Signal Transformer
B5072 Balanced Load Capable 200mA DC
B5073 Very High Isolation (Low Cost) / Application Notes
B5075 Pre-Aligned High Selectivity Filter Module / Application Notes
B5077 8Mbps 1:1:1 75 Ohm
B5081 600 Ohm:600 Ohm Small Footprint
B5082 2A 100 µH Inductor
B5089 Step-Up Switched Mode
B5097 SMD 50 Ohm 2Mbps
B5098 SMD 100 Ohm 2Mbps
B5100 Lab Evaluation Module / Application Notes (B5073 & B5075 circuit combo)
B5104 600 Ohm : 600 Ohm Screened
B5105 10 kOhm : 10 kOhm Screened
B5107 416 kbps 6500V Isolation (Matched to Brooktree Bt8970)
B5108 600 Ohm C.T.: 600 Ohm C.T. Screened
B5109 10 kOhm C.T.: 10 kOhm C.T. Screened
B5118 1:1:1 Pulse Transformer
B5127 600 Ohm:600 Ohm Wet (40mA Min)
B5136 Helical Aerial Coil 433MHz
B5138 Flyback Transformer
B5148 1 : 0.5 + 0.5 Screened
B5160 SMP Transformer - Intrinsically Safe
B5161 Common Mode Choke
B5167 Transducer Driver Transformer 6:1 ratio
B5169 1 : 0.5 + 0.5 Screened
B5170 Inductor RM6 Rugged mount
B5172 22/33/47 µH d.c. tolerant Inductor 
B5180 SMP Transformer - Intrinsically Safe
B5184 75 ohm Braid Breaker Transformer
B5190 1A 100uH Surface mount Inductor
B5193 Inductor RM6
B5201 Line Txfr 600: 600 ohm Intrinsically Safe
B5202 Line Txfr 600: 600 ohm c.t. Intrinsically Safe
B5204 Transducer Driver Transformer 4.05:1 ratio
B5229 1:1 wideband with screen
B5257 2CT:1 (76614/1 equivalent)
B5258 1CT:1 (76614/3 equivalent)
B5259 10µH, 25A, Power Inductor
B5261 27µH, 10A, Power Inductor
B5265 4:1 (76610/1 equivalent)
B5268 1:1 (76601/1 equivalent)
B5273 1µH, 10A, LISN Inductor
B5274 1:2 wideband with screen
B5290 11µH Inductor
B5387 2.4mH, 0.8A, Inductor
B5425 E1/T1 G.703 Balun 120Ω/75Ω
B5426 22mH Loading Coil
B5427 88mH Loading Coil
P1001 High Isolation Baseband Transformer
P1201 600 Ohm:600 Ohm C.T
P1202 Low Profile BS 6403
P1207 Very High Isolation
P1208 High Isolation 600 Ohm:140 Ohm Coupling
P1298 600 Ohm Hybrid Transformer
P1312 Low Profile Line Match Transformer
P1318 600 Ohm Wet Transformer
P1402 Low Profile 120mA DC capable / Application Notes
P1419 Low Cost 120mA DC capable / Application Notes
P1467 Balanced Load Capable 120mA DC
P1487 Pick-Off Transformer 3:1 impedance match
P1524 300 Ohm:600 Ohm C.T
P1682 High Isolation 270mW Rated / Application Notes
P1808 Low Cost Balanced Load Capable 120mA DC
P1910 High Isolation Low Profile
P2030 2Mbps High Isolation
P2031 2Mbps High Isolation
P2231 2Mbps High Isolation
P2281 Microprofile ine Matching Transformer
P2638 2Mbps High Isolation
P2647 High Impedance Shunt Line Drive Transformer
P2697 Low Profile Signal Transformer 62 Ohm / Application Notes

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