Inductors & Chokes

One of the most basic elements in electronics, inductors store energy in power applications, and provide fixed inductance for signal and power conditioning, filters, and EMC chokes.

The types below are merely examples taken from our standard range, but do not limit what we can do in Full Custom or 'build-to-print'. Please contact us with your exact requirements.


Line Hold Chokes

P1202 Low Profile BS 6403
P1402 Low Profile 120mA DC capable / Application Notes
P1419 Low Cost 120mA DC capable / Application Notes
P1467 Balanced Load Capable 120mA DC
P1808 Low Cost Balanced Load Capable 120mA DC
B5072 Balanced Load Capable 200mA DC

Common Mode Chokes

02916 Quad Choke 4.7mH So
02928 Quad Choke 0.2mH E1/T1
B5161 Common Mode Choke

Fixed Inductors

02902 37μH, Variable Inductor  
02978 20μH, 8A, Inductor  
02998 100μH, 1.25A, Axial Choke  
B5082 100μH, 2A, Inductor  
B5012 Inductor self-supporting  
B5170 Inductor RM6 Rugged mount  
B5172 22/33/47μH dc tolerant Inductor   
B5190 100μH, 1A, Surface Mount Inductor  
B5193 Inductor RM6  
B5259 10μH, 25A, Power Inductor  
B5261 27μH, 10A, Power Inductor  
B5273 1μH, 10A, LISN Inductor  
B5290 11μH Inductor  
B5387 2.4mH, 0.8A, Inductor  
B5426 22mH Loading Coil  
B5427 88mH Loading Coil  

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