Military Components

Military applications have exacting requirements for operation in extreme environments, with high reliability. Our products operate in land vehicles, fighter jets, and nuclear-powered submarines, as well as satellites.

Case Study: Overmoulded Common Mode Choke

MilitaryComponents1A customer required a toroidal common mode choke to be fully overmoulded with thermally conducting resin. The finished component was to have a central through hole counterbored both sides, and four lead out wires emerging radially. There was no room for a potting cup in which the wound toroid could be potted, and there was a need for flat and parallel upper and lower surfaces. The encapsulant was very hard, and heavily filled.

Before contacting Best Windings, the customer had achieved a rudimentary potting himself, but a post-moulding machining operation was needed to achieve the necessary flatness and finished dimensions.

A closed mould method was developed initially using silicone tooling, and then using more rigid and hard wearing materials, and shutting off on the leadouts.

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