Bespoke componants

Bespoke Solutions

Wound components have so many special requirements that the optimal solution may often be a custom design. Our design services are certificated to ISO 9001:2015, so whether you have a set of drawings, a working sample or a design specification, we will work with you to establish a full specification, including, where necessary, an understanding or analysis of your circuit, to ensure that all important design aspects and criteria are established and can be met.

Saving you money

rsz mandrel1We can evaluate your designs to determine how to reduce costs and extend product life before obsolescence sets in.

Most product lifecycle costs are determined at the design stage. Depending on volume and performance requirements, it may be cost effective to tool custom pieceparts. This can often reduce production and material costs, as well as improve quality and reliability.

UK and Offshore options

We can design and re-design your products with a view to building them in our UK factory or offshore at selected factories where we control the quality of goods supplied. As competent design engineers, we ensure that any designs built offshore are suitably modified for compatibility with materials and manufacturing practices there. In this way only acceptable design compromises are made – those that reduce cost without sacrificing quality.

Performance enhancement

Depending on the design requirements, we offer enhanced performance by making modifications to an existing design, or we develop a completely new design to fulfil your exacting requirements.

We may be able to harness newer materials, processes and more efficient design to reduce size or form factor, if appropriate.

Overcoming obsolescence

We can help you with the headache of obsolescence. This may involve a mild re-design using newer materials, a judicious investment in tooling, or a radical redesign.


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