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About Best Windings

Serving the industry for 30 years, Best Windings is ISO9001:2015 certificated for design, manufacturing and supply of high quality wound magnetic components. From our headquarters in eastern England we can support with low to high volumes produced in the UK, and using our offshore partners we supply medium to high volumes at competitive prices.

B5468 2Our capabilities range from miniature signal components handling less than a microwatt, up to substantial power devices handling over a kilowatt. Many of our products are used in safety-critical applications and provide isolation to high international standards, e.g. reinforced insulation and intrinsic isolation. We also supply products for a wide range of commercial and industrial markets.

We can design for you (Full Custom), design alongside you, or work to your own design (‘Build-to-Print’) to produce components of the highest integrity. Whether a new design concept, an existing product, or a product running into obsolescence with your current supplier, we offer first class support founded on knowledge and experience stretching back many years. Lyra1 e

Best Windings emerged in 1994 from the innovative Electronic Techniques (ETAL), founded in 1968. Since then, Best Windings has acquired OSEC2000, and Auremac, a specialized magnetics design company. We have our own workshop on site and are able to produce much of our own tooling, jigs, and fixtures in house to support design, development, and production.

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